Series PN Bar Tube OD Center Unit With
‘O’ Rings
Loose Sleeve Nut
BO-A 06-L L 500 6 BO-ZR 06-L BO-DR 06-L BO-M 06-L
BO-A 08-L L 500 8 BO-ZR 08-L BO-DR 08-L BO-M 08-L
BO-A 10-L L 500 10 BO-ZR 10-L BO-DR 10-L BO-M 10-L
BO-A 12-L L 400 12 BO-ZR 12-L BO-DR 12-L BO-M 12-L
BO-A 15-L L 400 15 BO-ZR 15-L BO-DR 15-L BO-M 15-L
BO-A 18-L L 400 18 BO-ZR 18-L BO-DR 18-L BO-M 18-L
BO-A 22-L L 250 22 BO-ZR 22-L BO-DR 22-L BO-M 22-L
BO-A 28-L L 250 28 BO-ZR 28-L BO-DR 28-L BO-M 28-L
BO-A 35-L L 250 35 BO-ZR 35-L BO-DR 35-L BO-M 35-L
BO-A 42-L L 250 42 BO-ZR 42-L BO-DR 42-L BO-M 42-L
BO-A 06-S S 630 6 BO-ZR 06-S BO-DR 06-S BO-M 06-S
BO-A 08-S S 630 8 BO-ZR 08-S BO-DR 08-S BO-M 08-S
BO-A 10-S S 630 10 BO-ZR 10-S BO-DR 10-S BO-M 10-S
BO-A 12-S S 630 12 BO-ZR 12-S BO-DR 12-S BO-M 12-S
BO-A 14-S S 630 14 BO-ZR 14-S BO-DR 14-S BO-M 14-S


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